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WATCH: Basic Reminders of Car Seat Safety

Injury Prevention Resources recently made this video discussing the various basic reminders for car seat safety. Andrew Peil, Event & Media Coordinator for IPR, shares the importance of double-checking the level of your forward-facing car seat, always ensuring the tethers and anchors are properly fastened, and making sure that the belts in front of your […]

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Mountain West Technologies completes fiber interconnect project in City of Mills

Mountain West Technologies, a Wyoming-owned and -operated telecommunications company, recently completed a fiber interconnect project in the City of Mills. This project was designed to provide high-speed internet connectivity to municipal facilities in Mills that were previously limited to slower and less reliable internet options. The project began with the installation of fiber-optic cables, which […]

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WATCH: Next Level Car Seat Levels

Injury Prevention Resources has made this video that shows how to properly use car seat levels to keep your child safe. IPR’s Noel Cooper shares how it is imperative that the angle be set correctly to avoid your child suffering life-altering repercussions. IPR is dedicated to its mission of “zero deaths and zero injuries on […]

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Meet the radiologists at Outpatient Radiology

Casper Medical Imaging & Outpatient Radiology strives to provide quality, around-the-clock patient care to the Casper community. Its team, including highly trained clinical staff and board-certified radiologists, is committed to providing customized care using cutting-edge medical imaging technology. What is a radiologist? Dr. Burke Morin, D.O., says, “A radiologist is a doctor who uses medical […]

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PH Glass Studios hoping to spark curiosity for glassblowing with lessons and new studio space!

Casper is home to a handful of creative spaces where different art mediums are taught, including pottery, acrylic, watercolor, oil, and, very soon, glassblowing. Casper’s first glassblowing studio, PH Glass Studios, is a new business opening Nov. 1 with the goal of teaching and providing space for creators to practice this beautiful medium. “It’s something […]

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Mountain West Technologies connecting homes and businesses through fiber-optic technology

On Friday, June 17, Mountain West Technologies finished their first connection of fiber-optic internet to a residence in Evansville. Fiber-optic, or fiber as it is commonly referred to, is well-known as the best internet technology that is currently available. Thanks to a locally owned and operated internet provider, fiber-to-home is now officially in the central […]

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UW at Casper’s Dillon Reed selected to present research paper to International Communications Conference in France

A recent University of Wyoming at Casper graduate, Dillon Reed, took his passion for communications across the pond to Paris, France, for the 72nd Annual International Communications Conference on Digital Health Communication in late May. Reed was selected to present a research paper at this esteemed conference that he had collaborated on with Assistant Professor […]

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The Daily Breeze: Hot, hot, HOT news today!

Hey there, We’re coming in HOT! And we’re not just talking about the weather, though that will also be hot today. Even better, today is one of our favorites: FRIDAY! What do you have planned this weekend? Check out what the Breeze blew in: See photos from last night’s UW sports extravaganza, check out the details on tomorrow’s grand opening […]