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Hageman outpaces Cheney in early in-state contributions

The incumbent, however, enjoys seven-to-one total cash-on-hand lead as both campaigns rely heavily on out-of-state money.  Mike Koshmrl, WyoFile Southwest Wyoming residents can party this weekend at a prom-themed “Conservatives in Crimson” fundraiser thrown by the Republican Parties of Uinta, Sweetwater and Carbon counties.  For a $60 entry fee to the Rock Springs gala, revelers […]

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Feds: We’ll find ‘right fit’ for Wyoming coal community grant proposals

After excluding Wyoming applications in December, Biden administration official says agency will match the proposals with other granting opportunities.  Dustin Bleizeffer, WyoFile Wyoming communities bracing for coal production downturns and coal-fired power plant closures will receive support from assorted federal “revitalization” grant programs, despite being shut out of the initial round of funding in December, according […]

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In the wake of Wyo superintendent scrap, a look at the position’s powers

Brian Schroeder, head of a private Christian school in Cody, is now in charge of Wyoming’s Department of Education following a politicized scrap. But what does the role actually entail? Sofia Jeremias, WyoFile Following a process challenged by legal maneuverings and allegations of unconstitutionality, Gov. Mark Gordon appointed Brian Schroeder as the state’s superintendent of […]

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Study: Up to 144 years for aquifers to recover from methane gas development

A state hydrological study estimates the coal-bed methane gas industry drew down some sandstone aquifers by more than 100 feet.  Dustin Bleizeffer, WyoFile The coal-bed methane gas boom that dotted northeast Wyoming with rigs and workers in the 2000s and left a legacy of bankruptcies and orphaned wells will also have lingering impacts on groundwater for up […]

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Wyo GOP selects three superintendent candidates despite lawsuit threat

UPDATE: A lawsuit was filed Tuesday morning in the United States District Court for the District of Wyoming. The 16 plaintiffs from various political party backgrounds include: John B. “Jack” Sprieght, Rex Arney, Robin Hurless, Christopher O. Boswell, Tamsin Johnson, Doug Camblin, Tom Lubnau, Anne Ladd, Kathy Vetter, Steve Simonton, Dan Neal, George Simonton and […]

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Help wanted: Wyo state agencies ‘hemorrhaging talent and experience’

Gov. Mark Gordon is asking the Legislature to increase compensation for state employees amid skyrocketing turnover, brain drain. Maggie Mullen, WyoFile The Wyoming state government is struggling to attract and retain enough qualified employees to accomplish the state’s work and meet its obligations, according to recent reports by the Department of Administration and Information. A […]

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Yellowstone’s shattered visitation record in ‘21? It’s complicated

January 21, 2022 by Mike Koshmrl, WyoFile The raw data for numbers of tourists in Yellowstone National Park during 2021 tell a story of unprecedented crowding.  Even excluding the not-yet-counted tens of thousands of folks who traveled to the 2.2-million-acre national park during December, there were 4.8-plus million recreational visits — a 13% pop, on the surface, over […]

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Wyoming’s revenue forecast gets a modest upgrade

Lawmakers now have an additional $38 million dollars to consider when shaping a budget at the upcoming session.   Maggie Mullen, WyoFile Wyoming’s revenue picture shows modest positive  improvement as lawmakers head into the 2022 Budget Session. On Jan.14 the state’s Consensus Revenue Estimating Group updated and upgraded its October revenue forecast, making an additional $38.5 […]

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PacifiCorp continues to run coal unit with federal approval in limbo

January 6, 2022 by by Dustin Bleizeffer, WyoFile PacifiCorp continues to operate unit 2 at the Jim Bridger coal-fired power plant despite running afoul of a federal regional haze permit — an infraction some believed would force a Jan. 1 shutdown.  Gov. Mark Gordon, who recently attempted to intervene in the regulatory noncompliance, warned in late December the […]

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Counties grapple with zoning, liberties, as more seek Wyo hideouts

Comprehensive plans and regulations face stress tests as officials seek ways to address fast-coming changes to state’s landscape.  Angus M. Thuermer Jr., WyoFile Sublette County commissioners’ rezoning to allow a 68-room luxury resort in what had been a rural hideaway of Bondurant is emblematic of development pressures challenging many Wyoming communities, raising questions about whether they are […]