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The Nicolaysen Art Museum: Virtual Exhibition – Neltje: In the Family of Things

The museum is closed due to COVID-19 but that won’t stop us from sharing art with the world! We invite you to browse our first virtual exhibition, Neltje: In the Family of Things, from your home at any time you’d like. It’s free and is a wonderful opportunity to add an art lesson to your homeschool curriculum. Browse the gallery and talk to your children about Abstract Expressionism, movement and color in art, and emotions. Homeschool art class for the day!

Visit https://thenic.org/neltje-in-the-family-of-things-2020/ or scroll through the discussion in this event to see Neltje’s In the Family of Things.

Artist, writer and entrepreneur Neltje overcame abuse, alcoholism, and suffocating social expectations to pursue a life of freedom and creativity in Wyoming. She was awarded the Wyoming Governor’s Art Award in 2005 and her works are held in numerous museum’s permanent collections.

Artist Statement: “The majority of this exhibition plays with the concept of joy. Repetitive forms allow me to search out my feelings about summertime and the outrageously happy colors of my garden. Another part of the exhibition is, in a more tactile way, a time of memories.”

Neltje is an Abstract Expressionist painter. Abstract Expressionism is an art style that uses color, line, and shape to convey emotions and meaning rather than reality. Each artist has their own unique way of ‘expressing’ emotions in their art. The works in this gallery explore feelings, instead of focusing on how things look. Neltje uses vivid colors and bold brushstrokes to express joy inspired by her garden.

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Website: https://thenic.org/exhibits/neltje-in-the-family-of-things-2020/