The Casper Police Department is warning Oil City residents about a potential new scam that they are being alerted to.

CPD received a message on their Facebook page last night about a potential scam. The Facebook user was contacted by telephone, by a person asking for donations for the “Casper Disabled Police Fund.” Casper Police Detective John Hatcher says that The Casper Police Department is not involved with this and has not heard of this fund.

The investigation into the case is ongoing. Det. Hatcher saying that currently no victims have been reported with the scam. However he goes on to say that scammers can disguise their phone numbers and trick caller ID into presenting them as something they’re not.

While Hatcher didn’t cite any specific current examples, he said that tax season can also be a time to be on guard for phone scams. Scammers have been known to call and impersonate IRS officials, and may even be able to show as “Internal Revenue Service” on caller ID.

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