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Rocky Mountain Power’s rate hike request cut by nearly half

CASPER, Wyo. — The Wyoming Public Service Commission, or PSC, delivered an oral decision on Tuesday, significantly trimming Rocky Mountain Power’s proposed rate hike. The utility aimed for a $140.2 million annual increase, a substantial 21.6%. However, the PSC’s decision only allows for an $80 million hike, approximately 57% of the requested amount. Commission Chair […]

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Major Wyoming abortion decisions loom

by Madelyn Beck, WyoFile The last month of the year will be one to watch for those who are both for and against abortion access in Wyoming.  The week of Dec. 11 will feature two significant court hearings and the closing of a Jackson clinic — leaving only one physical facility to provide elective abortions in […]

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Top environmental stewards awarded at Wyoming Weed and Pest Conference

CASPER, Wyo. — The Wyoming Weed and Pest Council, or WWPC, celebrated the achievements of four distinguished individuals at its 2023 annual conference. These awardees have significantly contributed to Wyoming’s ecological preservation efforts, focusing on weed and pest management. Donley Darnell, president of WWPC, expressed pride in acknowledging these individuals’ efforts. “We are honored to […]

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Tribal school officials, lawmakers sketch out performance gap solutions

by Katie Klingsporn, WyoFile FORT WASHAKIE—Wyoming can support tribal schools on the Wind River Indian Reservation with funds for additional language teachers and counselors, substance abuse programs, early childhood education and mental health needs, district superintendents told legislators Friday.  The mental health piece, “I’m sure it would resonate across the state of Wyoming in many different […]

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Public funds for private schools? Lawmakers advance ‘education savings account’ bill

by Katie Klingsporn, WyoFile A measure to create “education savings accounts” using state funds for parents to pay for costs associated with their children’s preschool education or non-public-school expenses is headed to the legislative session, despite concerns it may not be constitutional.  The Legislature’s Joint Education Committee advanced the bill on Wednesday. Under the measure, Wyoming parents whose […]

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Governor Gordon’s budget proposal starts with $20 million in property tax relief and savings

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Governor Mark Gordon has introduced a budget proposal for the next two years, focusing on sustainable spending while addressing current challenges. The governor’s approach addresses the immediate challenges facing the state by making targeted investments — including expanded property tax relief totaling $20 million — while ensuring ongoing spending remains at a sustainable […]

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Lawmakers reject California’s property tax system despite GOP backing

by Maggie Mullen, WyoFile The Legislature’s Joint Revenue Committee narrowly rejected legislation on Monday that would have implemented an acquisition value-based property tax system in Wyoming to counter soaring home values.  It was the committee’s final meeting ahead of the 2024 budget session and a conclusion to an off-season mostly defined by the debate over how […]

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Skeptical public tells Wyoming ‘don’t auction Kelly Parcel’ as developers lurk

by Mike Koshmrl, WyoFile JACKSON—Fourth-generation Jackson Hole cattle rancher Cody Lockhart thought back to his childhood, the days when he’d select his 4-H calf from a herd out at pasture every summer.  Those calves grazed a state-owned section of land in the corner of Grand Teton National Park known as the Kelly Parcel, which could soon go […]

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Wyoming’s coal plant carbon capture mandate may tap ratepayers beyond 2030

by Dustin Bleizeffer, WyoFile A panel of lawmakers has advanced a draft bill to give power plant operators eight more years to comply with Wyoming’s low-carbon emissions standard. The measure, Low-carbon reliable energy standards-amendments, would push back the deadline from 2030 to 2038. It would also exempt regulated utilities with fewer than 10,000 customers, carving out a […]

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Property tax ballot measure will slash local funding, report finds

A statewide ballot initiative would effectively halve rising property tax bills for certain residents but would slash education and local government funding. That’s according to a fiscal analysis prepared in October by the Secretary of State’s office and the Department of Revenue.  The proposal, now being circulated for signatures, would exempt 50% of the assessed value for property […]

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Feds field questions about Wyoming’s first nuclear power plant

by Dustin Bleizeffer, WyoFile KEMMERER—TerraPower, backed by billionaire Bill Gates and the U.S. Department of Energy, plans to build the pilot “Natrium” liquid-sodium-cooled nuclear energy plant here, hoping its success will spur the deployment of Natrium and other small nuclear reactors throughout the nation and around the world. The next-generation technology presents myriad considerations for the Nuclear Regulatory […]

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Ban on delta-8, ‘psychoactive’ hemp substances advances to Wyoming Legislature

by Madelyn Beck, WyoFile A bill to ban hemp substances with synthetic or “psychoactive” components is headed to the Wyoming Legislature, though many lawmakers agreed it’ll need more work when it gets there.  “I don’t have any doubt that this is a work in progress,” said Sen. Bill Landen (R-Casper), who co-chairs the Joint Judiciary Committee. “But I […]

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State law can stymie police misconduct inquiries. Legislators may have a fix.

by Tennessee Watson, WyoFile t’s been five years since former Albany County sheriff’s deputy Derek Colling shot and killed Laramie-resident Robbie Ramirez. Yet, because of ambiguities in state law, the agency that certifies police officers in Wyoming still hasn’t been able to access Colling’s personnel records or complete its investigation of his fitness to serve. The […]

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Wyoming Guard dedicated to ‘rooting out’ sex offenders, general says

by Mike Koshmrl, WyoFile Faced with allegations that the Wyoming Military Department is plagued by a culture of sexual assault and harassment and that victims are met with excuses, suspicion, hostility and retaliation, Maj. General Gregory Porter says he’s going to great lengths to “root out” offenders. “If we have predators in our ranks, they don’t […]