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Council approves final changes to Casper’s bus routes; could take effect in April

Map of the new plans for The Bus's Blue Route.

The Casper City Council enacted a resolution to approve changes to the City’s bus route system at their Tuesday, Feb. 5 Council meeting. The Council passed the resolution 8 to 1.

Councilman Ken Bates said there were a few problems he had with the proposed route changes, so decided to vote against the resolution.

Casper Area Metroplolitan Planning Organization Supervisor Aaron Kloke told the Council he thought the changes would save on costs and improve the quality of bus service in Casper at their Jan. 29 work session. He previously told Oil City the changes could go into effect in April.

CATC and the Bus’s Executive Director Marge Cole said she’s pleased with the changes.

“We’re looking forward to saving some money and getting the changes in place,” Cole told Oil City. “[The changes] could have been a whole lot worse. Some people may be negatively affected by the changes, but the impact could have been a lot more negative.”

Cole also said she was happy with the way the process has been handled.

“We’re pleased with the City’s support and the passenger’s patience in working with us,” she said.

The MPO and CATC first presented the finalized changes at the Jan. 29 Council work session. They put together their final proposal after considering feedback from the public comment period that concluded on Jan. 10. Maps showing the final changes are included in Oil City’s coverage of the proposed changes at last week’s work session.