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Scottie, the spectacular sweeping sensation, hangs up his broom

Scottie Mason sweeps the court during state basketball in 2015. (Dan Cepeda)

Over 30-years ago, a maintenance worker at the Casper Events Center simply wanted to get a routine job done faster than anyone else.

The job was sweeping the court at halftime during the state high school basketball championships, and the worker was Scottie Mason.

“Halftimes would run real long, so it was good to get it done quicker for them,” said Scottie.

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A lighthearted competition among the crew had started. “Since I could outrun everybody on the court, I got the job,” said Scottie.

At some point early on, someone on the sound crew played the Chuck Berry classic “Johnny B. Goode” while the lanky, 6’7″ tall Scottie flew over the court. After that, the tradition was set.

For three decades, Scottie has piloted his push broom across the hardwood court during state basketball halftime.

The crowd often stood and cheered in support. “They used to really get into it when I used to run it pretty good,” said Scottie, who at his peak could run the five or six laps just shy of 30 seconds.

Age and health issues have forced Scottie to slow down his runs. After surgery this year, he and the Events staff decided to let Scottie retire from the event.

During this year’s state tournaments, Scottie took one last bow and one last round of cheers from the crowd as he was given a plaque during halftime.

He’ll still work part-time on the Events Center maintenance crew, and holds another full-time job in town. But the era of Scottie gliding across the courts to the sound of “Johnny B. Goode” has come to an end.

“I get people that were young come up to me as adults and tell me they remember me on the courts,” said Scottie, who says he will miss the tradition.

“It’s going to be hard.”