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CPD- Lock vehicles amidst warming weather

The Casper Police Department is reminding citizens and visitors to lock their vehicles to avoid warm weather related auto burglaries.

As the weather begins to warm, CPD says they traditionally sees a small rise in auto burglaries.

“Primarily, these auto burglars target vehicles that are left unlocked in driveways, streets and parking lots,” a Casper PD press release said. “To protect your personal items and vehicles please be vigilant in locking your vehicle upon exiting.”

Police further say that people should always take valuable items out of their vehicle at night and move them so they cannot be seen from outside the vehicle during the day.

It is a felony crime to steal items from inside a vehicle in Wyoming.

Criminals are known to walk around through the warm evening hours casually pulling on vehicle door handles to see if they are unlocked.

If you see someone acting in a suspicious manner, please call 911.