CPD arrests man downtown after brief struggle

An unidentified man was arrested near the intersection of South Center and 2nd Streets in Casper after a “brief struggle” May 10, 2019. (Trevor T. Trujillo, Oil City)

A man was taken into custody by the Casper Police Department, in the downtown area Friday afternoon.

Casper Police Department officials on scene said that the suspect, who was not immediately identified to media by the police, was arrested at approximately 12:17 pm near the intersection of 2nd Street and South Center.

Officers say that they responded to an original call of a disturbance in the downtown area. Officers said that a male suspect was refusing to leave an area and was “causing problems.”

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CPD officials say that they initially contacted the suspect near the intersection of A and Center Streets in Casper. Officers say that the man was non-compliant with police commands and continued south on Center Street.

Another police officer reportedly contacted the man at Center and 2nd, where it was said that the suspect remained non-compliant.

After what police describe as a “brief struggle,” the suspect was taken into custody.

Multiple police vehicles were on scene at the time of the arrest, causing a brief closure of both lanes of 2nd Street between Wolcott and Center, as well as Southbound Center Street at 2nd.

The lanes were reopened after the suspect was taken into custody.

Officers on scene say that they anticipate recommending the suspect for Interference With a Police Officer, but said that the investigation is ongoing and that the charges are not definitive.

An unidentified man is taken into police custody after a “brief struggle” May 10, 2019. (Trevor T. Trujillo, Oil City)