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98% of 2018 seniors involved in sports, clubs or activities graduated

(Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Natrona County School District Athletics and Activities Department said in a third quarter report that 98% of 2017-2018 NCSD seniors who participated in at least one “co-curricular” activity graduated.

“The final calculations indicated that the graduation rate for 12th grade student’s participating in at least one co-curricular activity, club or sport during their senior year had a combined graduation rate for Kelly Walsh, Natrona County, and Midwest high schools of 98%,” the report reads.

“The graduation rate for non-participants has traditionally been 30% lower than students who participate in co-curricular activities.”

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The report also shows data for the percentage of 6-12 grade students who’ve participated in co-curricular activities since 2013:

  • May 2013= 71%
  • May 2014 =73%
  • May 2015= 67%
  • May 2016= 70%
  • May 2017= 67%
  • May 2018= 74%

The department says in the report that their goal for 2019 is to raise this participation rate to 85%.

However, they noted some setbacks during this school year on their work toward that goal.

“The first date for schools to report student participation was December 15 and the results were disappointing,” the reports states. “Student participation reports at the midway point in the school year were at an all time low.”

“The poor results were the result of schools not collecting participation data from activities as well as sports offered during this time period. The individuals who we rely on for this information are new in five of the seven schools. The training we provided did not meet the need as each individual learned the many, many daily tasks required in the new position.”

The report states that the department is working to correct this problem.

“We have an opportunity to make up for the disappointing results in the first half of the school year,” it reads. “Communicating with coaches and sponsors will be imperative in collecting the data, ensuring the data is correct and in attracting more students to participate in co-curricular activities.”

The report adds that the department will release the 2018-2019 participation rates in their fourth quarter report.