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Poison Spider School receives grant for greenhouse


CASPER, Wyo. — A $2,000 grant awarded to Poison Spider School to purchase a heater for the school’s greenhouse received Board of Trustee approval during the school board’s Monday, May 13 meeting.

“Farm Credit Services awarded a Working Here Fund Grant in the amount of $2,000 to Poison Spider School,” a school board document states. “The funds will be used to purchase a heater as part of the school’s Greenhouse Project.”

The heater will be used both the keep plants and students warm.

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“The grant was written specifically for a heater to keep plants viable during freezing months, and to enable students to be inside the greenhouse during cold snaps,” a letter from Poison Spider Principal Tammy Creger reads.

“A greenhouse will be established on our school’s grounds. The house will be utilized to introduce scientific concepts of plant life and biology, in conjunction with deeper comprehension of growing and nurturing life through varying dilemmas.”

The greenhouse will be used to grow vegetables that will be served during school lunches, the letter adds. They’ll also learn about nutrition.

“In addition, students will promote the contribution of their herbs and vegetables to local vendors to add to the farming community that is Casper,” concludes the letter.