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Rapid City baseball team chooses Jackalope as mascot

Jackalopes Rapid City courtesy of the Rapid City Jackalopes.

The Expedition League’s Rapid City baseball affiliate announced the team’s name and unveiled the official logo. The team name is the “Rapid City Jackalopes.”

Ross Johnson of Ross Johnson Design Co., in Rapid City, created the team’s logos.

The team’s colors are cardinal red, dark blue, teal and gray.

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“When thinking about what this Rapid City franchise should be named, we wanted to make sure that we branded ourselves with a name that lends itself to the area and something we could have some fun with. We are all about quality family fun and this branding gives us so much to work with,” Jackalopes Owner and President, Kevin Bybee, said. “Not many things say Western South Dakota like a jackalope.”

The New York Times attributes the Jackalope to Douglas Herrick and his brother in the 1930s. The mythical creature was created by grafting deer antlers onto a jackrabbit carcass and selling the combination to a local hotel in the Wyoming community of Douglas. A point of local pride, Douglas claims to be the the home of the Jackalope.

The Expedition League does have a Casper, Wyoming based team, which chose their name and mascots as the Casper Horseheads in October of 2017.

“When we first visited Casper in July we saw all these oil and gas drills dotting the landscape,” Horseheads owner Chuck Heeman said following the announcement in 2017. “We immediately started picturing something we could do with that image that would get attention and make us stand out. Then I found out that these rigs are called horseheads and the idea took off. I got the idea to Keith Flynn and he developed a fantastic logo to go with the name, and we decided Horseheads is the way to go.”

The Expedition League is a summer collegiate wood bat baseball league.

Courtesy of Expedition Baseball League