One adult, four juveniles arrested in Paradise Valley shooting

Mathew Ray Nietert (courtesy of the Casper Police Department)

CASPER, Wyo. — Paperwork filed in the arrest of an adult male in Casper says that the suspect and multiple juveniles are connected to a shooting incident on the 400 block of Indian Paintbrush Street in Casper.

According to an affidavit filed in the case, police believe the shooting was the culmination of a long standing argument that began on Facebook.

25-year-old Mathew Ray Nietert has been identified as the lone adult suspect whom is believed to be involved in the shooting. Police records also show that four juvenile offenders were also taken into custody.

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Nietert faces recommended charges including Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Assault, Possess a Deadly Weapon With Unlawful Intent, Property Damage Over $1,000, and Receiving and Concealing stolen property.

The juveniles, although not identified, were booked on recommended charges of Vandalism/Destruction of Property, Possession of a Weapon with Deadly Intent, and Conspiracy.

No injuries were reported with the incident. 

Upon arrival to the scene, officers observed bullet casings lying in the street and bullet holes on the exterior of a residence and nearby vehicles. 

CPD investigators were able to quickly identify and locate the juvenile suspects, along with the weapon used in the shooting. 

Police say that a man who was related to residents at the home had been in an online feud with some of the suspects.

The man who lived at the residence say that the Facebook argument escalated and spilled over into real life, with the man and the juveniles challenging to fight each other in person. The resident said that on May 19th, he was involved in a physical altercation with the juvenile suspects, that ended with rocks being thrown at each other.

The alleged victim then said that he spent that evening out with family, and came home to find that his house and nearby vehicles had been shot.

The juveniles in the case were taken into custody and interviewed, with one of the suspects claiming that they drove the other suspects to an apartment near south McKinley where they met Nietert.

According to an arrest affidavit in the case, it was claimed by some of the juvenile suspects, that Nietert retrieved a camouflage backpack and and all suspects got into Nietert’s Chrysler passenger vehicle.

It was then alleged that Nietert pulled out three handguns from the backpack, and distributed them to the group.

One of the juvenile suspects told police that, when asked what if there were kids in the house, Nietert was responded “F—k that, it doesn’t matter who is in that crib.”

The car allegedly drove past the victim’s home one time, turned around, and then passed again when the suspects “opened up” shooting numerous rounds at the house.

It was then said that the car sped off north and turned abruptly, hitting the curb and flattening the tire. The car was then reported to have gone to a different neighborhood, where the firearms were placed back in the backpack.

It is further alleged that, during the course of investigation, one of the juveniles was found to be in possession of suspected cocaine, weighing 9.5 grams, with packaging.

A police affidavit also says that investigators found a  camouflage backpack in the area described by the juveniles, inside was found three handguns. Police identified the weapons as a Glock .40 caliber pistol, a Smith and Wesson .357 revolver, and a Smith and Wesson 9mm handgun.

Nietert was eventually located by police on the 2500 block of South Jefferson, at a private residence.

The affidavit says that Nietert initially denied any knowledge of the shooting or the events to police, but when confronted by police with evidence from the investigation, offiers say that Nietert became emotional and said that he was in trouble.

Police say that Nietert then admitted to picking up the firearms from a storage locker, contacted the juveniles, and drover to the 400 block of Indian Paintbrush.

He was then said that two of the juveniles in the vehicle opened fire on the home. Nietert claimed that he thought they were going over there to talk, and said that he sped away, and crashed his car into the curb, causing the tire to leak.

Nietert claimed that he placed the weapons back in the back pack, went into an alley and placed the backpack in a garbage can.

Nietert and four juveniles were arrested.

All of those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges are subject to change following official filings from the Natrona County District Attorney’s Office.

Family members of the man involved in the online feud with the suspects have asked Oil City to clarify that the man was related to residents of the home on Indian Paintbrush, but was not a resident, himself.

An earlier version of this story misidentified that there were three juvenile suspects arrested in this incident, there were actually four. The story has been changed to reflect this.