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Budget talks continue Wednesday

File; Trevor T. Trujillo, Oil City

CASPER, Wyo. — The Casper City Council are preparing to adopt a Fiscal Year 2020 budget in June.

They held a special work session on Monday, May 20 to discuss the issue.

City Manager Carter Napier explained that on Monday, he gave the Council a broad overview of the budget situation. Those talks will continue on Wednesday.

Napier showed the Council details about each of the City’s different funds, such as the General Fund, the Enterprise Fund and the Health Fund.

He explained to Council members the amount of reserves the City deems optimal to ensure these funds can be relied upon on a long-term basis.

Regarding the Health Fund, Napier said that while there are still some issues to work out, he thinks the fund is on track toward establishing a healthy reserve amount.

He also briefed Council regarding things like Optional One-Cent sales tax dollars.

Napier said that Wednesday’s special work session will be a follow up to Monday’s discussion. While the Council will not officially establish a budget until June, he said that working out the details of that budget will be the Council’s focus in coming weeks.

Wednesday’s special work session begins at 4:30 p.m. in the Council Meeting Room at City Hall.