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Biathlon Club grooms Nordic ski trails, last of three groomed trails in American West


CASPER, Wyo. — With snow still lingering on Casper Mountain, Nordic skiers still have the chance to hit the trails.

The Casper Mountain Biathlon Club groomed some trails over Memorial Day weekend, according to Cathy Rosser, the club’s managing director.

The Casper Mountain trails, as far as Rosser is aware, are one of only three Nordic trail systems in the western United States still being groomed this spring.

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The others are at Mount Bachelor near Bend, Oregon and the Auborn Ski Club near Lake Tahoe.

“It’s a special thing that we’re able to do that here,” Rosser said.

She added that Memorial Day weekend will likely be the last time the club grooms this season, but she said if Casper Mountain sees more snow and temperatures allow, the club could groom again.

The National Weather Service forecasts snow on Casper Mountain Tuesday night. But as the week moves forward, with temperatures reaching into the 60s over the weekend.

Rosser said that she recently went skiing, and recommends that people classic ski if they’re going up later in the day. That is because slushy snow conditions are not ideal for skate skiing.

“I skied on Saturday and it was awesome,” Rosser said.

She suggested that people wanting to skate ski might still find good conditions if they head up to the trails early in the morning.

The best skiing is on the east side of the trails system, and Rosser recommended sticking to trails that get good tree coverage as the snow conditions are better in these areas.

The Biathlon Club’s grooming efforts are able to offer an extended ski season. The Natrona County Parks Department stopped their grooming efforts several weeks ago, according a Parks employee, though Parks Director Matt Buhler was not in the office to confirm the exact date those efforts had ceased.

Rosser said that the biathlon club’s ability to groom trails can extend both the fall and spring seasons.

“We purchased our groomer specifically for that reason,” she said.

Rosser said that some trails are getting thin but thinks a few more weeks of skiing could be possible.

“I don’t know how much longer,” she added.

Should snow remain on the mountain, Rosser said Casperites may have a unique opportunity in June.

The biathlon club is organizing a roller-ski race for June 8. If there is still snow on the trails then, Rosser said competitors would have the chance to roller-ski up the mountain and follow that up with a Nordic ski session on the snow.

More details about that roller-ski race and some summertime programs the biathlon club plans to offer will be available soon. Information is also available on their website.

Rosser reminded people planning to ski that they should use the 1110 East End Road trail-head.