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Single Casper mom of twins looking to land spot on cover of ‘Inked’ magazine (PHOTOS)

Photo courtesy of Cari Faye Photography

CASPER, Wyo. — A single Casper mother of 10-year old twin girls is hoping to win an “Inked Magazine Cover Girl” contest.

Her name is Rachel Warner and she told Oil City on Thursday, June 13 that she’s excited about the opportunity.

“As a single mom, $25,000 looks pretty appealing,” she said. “My mind would be completely blown [if I won].”

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But putting herself out there to compete for the award is not the only thing Warner cares about.

Photo courtesy of Cari Faye Photography

She wants to be a role model for her girls and show the rest of the country that Casper and Wyoming has culture they may not realize is here.

“I’ve raised them by myself since they were little,” Warner said of her daughters. “I say I’ve raised them myself, but I’ve got huge support from my family and the community.”

Warner said that for her, standing as a model for photographer Cari Faye is about promoting the importance of physical fitness and the beauty of tattoos rather than being sexually suggestive.

“I try to be a good role model for my girls,” Warner said. “I want them to know it is okay to be beautiful, it is okay to be strong and it is okay to be different.”

She exercises six days a week at Oil City Crossfit and hopes to instill similar habits in her children.

“I feel like the body is a beautiful canvas to display artwork and tattoos,” Warner added. “I have a lot of what I consider to be really good tattoos.”

Photo courtesy of Cari Faye Photography

Many of those tattoos were done by Justin McGuire who works at the Inkspot and uses the name “Yeti” as a tattoo artist.

She also talked about sharing a bit of Wyoming culture with the world.

“There is an alternative underbelly to our community that is really cool,” Warner said.

The Inked contest has multiple rounds of public voting. The first round began on June 1 and the entrants were divided into different groups.

That round of voting concludes on June 19 and the top 30 models will advance to the next round.

Voting for Warner can be completed here. People can also buy extra votes for $1 a piece, with proceeds benefiting various nonprofit organizations.

Photo courtesy of Cari Faye Photography

Warner has worked as a hairdresser for the last 18 years. She currently uses space at Diamond Dolls Salon.

“I’m an independent contractor,” she said. “I make my own hours and set my own schedule so that I can be flexible for my children.”

Winning the contest would give her a chance to further support her kids.

“This would literally change mine and my daughters’ lives,” she said. “I’m not super wealthy but I’m not super poor.”

“A lot of us single parents, we can’t get a handout but we can’t quite get ahead.”

The $25,000 would be put toward her daughters’ future and allow her to pay off some bills.

“It would free me up to be a little more accessible for my children,” Warner added. “It would be the coolest thing to happen to myself and my daughters.”

NOTE: Oil City News is not affiliated with Oil City Crossfit.

UPDATE: Warner has advanced to the final round of voting. People can vote for her until Thursday, Aug. 8 to help her win the contest.