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‘Hollywood in Wyoming’: Fort Caspar displaying posters of films shot in the Cowboy State (PHOTOS)

CASPER, Wyo. — Fort Caspar Museum’s new “Hollywood in Wyoming” features movie posters of films shot in the Cowboy State.

Museum manager Rick Young said on Wednesday, June 26 that he has personally seen most, but not all, of the films.

“I think it is fun when someone comes in and says, ‘Hey! I’ve seen that movie!” Young said.

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While not every poster of films shot in Wyoming are at Fort Caspar, Young said that there is good variety.

“It’s a nice mix of some lesser known movies to some huge ones like ‘Shane’ or ‘Spencer’s Mountain,'” he said of the 30-poster display.

Hollywood filmmakers have often selected Wyoming for its natural beauty.

“Hollywood’s fascination with Wyoming is evident in the use of Wyoming’s vast and beautiful landscapes in more than 120 films,” the exhibit’s description reads.

“The rolling hills, steep snow-capped Tetons and broad plains have served as a backdrop for movies for over a century starting in 1904 with footage from Wyoming Roundup.”

While many of the films are westerns, others like Steven Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” or the 1998 comedy “Meet the Deedles” had scenes shot in Wyoming.

Young encouraged John Wayne fans to check out the poster for “The Big Trail.”

He said that another film starring Wayne, “Hellfighters,” had a scene shot by Bessemer Bend near Casper, though that film’s poster is not part of the exhibit.

Another film, “War Paint,” starred actor Tim McCoy. Young said that McCoy also served as Wyoming’s Adjutant General, leading the state’s National Guard.

Young said that people may want to come see the posters to get a sense of “nostalgia and re-experiencing the films.”

Other films starred actors such as Clint Eastwood or Charlton Heston.

Young said the posters will be on display at Fort Caspar Museum through the first week of September.

The museum is located at 4001 Fort Caspar Rd in Casper.