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‘Super Tag’ raffle deadline approaching; winners can hunt Wyoming big game species


CASPER, Wyo. — The deadline to purchase “Super Tag” and “Super Tag Trifecta” raffle tickets is approaching.

The deadline for the raffles, which allow hunters to purchase Wyoming big game and trophy licenses, is midnight on July 1.

“The raffle includes Wyoming’s premier big game and trophy game species: bighorn sheep, Shiras moose, Rocky Mountain elk, mountain goat, mule deer or white-tailed deer, wild bison, pronghorn, mountain lion, gray wolf and black bear,” says the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

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Super Tag raffle tickets are $10 each. One winner will be drawn for each of the nine species.

Super Tag Trifecta tickets are $30 each. The winner of this raffle will be able to select three species.

Game and Fish says that winners will be announced on the Super Tag website on July 15.

People who purchase multiple raffle tickets will also be entered into Game and Fish’s “Ultimate Hunting Gear Package Raffle.”

“For any 5 Super Tag raffle tickets (any species or combination of species) or 2 Super Tag Trifecta tickets you purchase, your name is entered into a raffle to win an ultimate hunting gear package,” Game and Fish says.

“This package is bursting with top-of-the-line gear from KUIU, Lathrop & Sons, Mathews Archery, Maven, Swarovski Optik and Weatherby. Purchase more tickets for more chances to win.”

Tickets can be purchased online.

The Super Tag website provides additional information about the raffles:

-Raffle winners will be able to hunt any open area for the species selected except for moose (areas with 10 or fewer licenses are restricted), bighorn sheep (areas with eight or fewer licenses are restricted) and wild bison (areas with 10 or fewer licenses are restricted).

-Raffle winners will retain their preference points.

-Raffle winners will be exempt from the once-in-a-lifetime requirement for wild bison and mountain goat licenses.

-Tickets are not available from license-selling agents. Tickets must be purchased through the online Electronic License System.

-The raffle is open to residents and non-residents.

-Raffle winners will not have to abide by mandatory waiting periods. They will be eligible to apply for the draw the next year (for example, the five-year waiting period for moose and bighorn sheep will be waived).

-Wild bison and mountain goat Super Tag winners are exempt from the once-in-a- lifetime license restrictions for these species. 

-Winners must purchase any applicable licenses and/or stamps before hunting.

-Raffle winners must follow all applicable dates, regulations and laws for selected hunt areas.

-There is no deadline by which winners must purchase licenses, but licenses must be purchased for the 2019 hunting seasons.

-Super tag ticket purchase deadline is July 1, 2019

Wyoming Game and Fish Department