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The Nic gets $400,000 in One-Cent funding to support renovations

The Nicolaysen is decorated for Casper PRIDE events, which coincide with this year’s NIC Fest. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Nicolaysen Art Museum will receive $400,000 from the Casper City Council that will go toward various renovation and repair projects.

That funding comes from One Cent Optional Sales Tax allocations, which the Council voted to authorize during their Tuesday, July 2 meeting.

According to the contract, which oversees how the Nic would be able to utilize the funding, it will go toward renovation of Bryce Hall.

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The funding will support window replacements, installing more energy efficient lighting and replacing a railing in the Discovery Center.

The floors of the Discovery Center’s first floor will also be replaced and the story would be updated.

The treads on the stairs in the museum will be replaced and repaired.

A kitchenette will be demolish and a new prep kitchen will be installed.

The proposed funding for the Nic is just a piece of over $3 million in allocations for various organizations throughout the community. Details of those other proposals can be found in the Council’s work packet.

City Manager Carter Napier says the funding recommendations grew out of input the City received from the public.

“To me, it’s a contract with the community,” he said of the authorization of the funding.

Napier explained that the City conducted public surveys and special work groups ahead of the 2018 elections.

Information from those efforts guided the City’s funding recommendations for the special projects.

Napier added that the public voted to continue the Optional One-Cent Sales Tax with between 70-75% support.

He said the reason these projects are listed as “No. 16” is because this four year funding period began on July 1.

He said he thinks the projects are “pretty consistent with what the citizens tell us.”