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Councilman Chris Walsh resigns from Casper City Council

CASPER, Wyo. — Casper City Councilman Chris Walsh has resigned.

Mayor Charlie Powell confirmed this information to Oil City on Friday, July 5.

Powell said he was informed on Thursday that Walsh was leaving his position on the Council because he would be taking a new job in Douglas and felt that he wouldn’t be able to serve the community’s interests best in his new position.

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Powell thanked Walsh for his service, adding that his perspective in law enforcement provided valuable input to many of the Council’s decisions.

According to Powell, Council has the ability to decide how to fill the vacancy left by Walsh’s resignation. He said that in the past, this has been done by accepting resumes from interested parties which Council then reviews and selects the candidate they think will best serve the interests of Casper’s citizens.

But the exact format for replacing a council member who steps down is not set in stone and Powell said that Council could choose to explore a different means of carrying out this procedure.

Should they choose to select a candidate in the format outlined above, Powell said the Council would do so in an executive session.