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New Backwards ‘Casper Mountain Gin’ will benefit Wyo. Food for Thought

(Courtesy of Backwards Distilling Company)

CASPER, Wyo. — Ever wonder what Casper Mountain tastes like?

Backwards Distilling Company and the Wyoming Food for Thought Project launched an effort on Friday, July 5 to capture the flavors of some native plant life in an all new “Casper Mountain Gin.”

Most of the proceeds of the new liquor will go to support Wyoming Food for Thought, once Backwards is able to recover the operational cost of producing the new spirit.

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Backwards and Wyo. Food for Thought have launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the project rolling.

If they collect enough funds to make the project feasible, Backwards part-owner Amber Pollock says the plan is to produce between 500-600 “half-size” bottles of the spirit, drawing upon flora found on Casper’s over-sized hill.

These bottles will each be filled with 375 milliliters of the recipe. Pollock said that it will feature juniper, rosehips, black currants and licorice root foraged by Backwards supporters and Food for Thought volunteers.

All of those ingredients have or will be harvested from Casper Mountain—well, nearly all, with some of the juniper coming from the Muddy Mountain area.

“We did some volunteer events last year,” Pollock said, adding that volunteers went up to the mountain to forage for some of the necessary herbs. “It took many tries.”

She said the idea goes back a few years and that Backwards and Wyo. Food for Thought have partnered in the past.

“They have people foraging,” Pollock said of Food for Thought, adding that the rosehips come from around Rotary Park.

Pollock added that further foraging outings will be organized and encouraged people to stay tuned for information on that.

The Kickstarter campaign will last for 30 days with a goal of raising $5,000. If they reach that goal, Pollock says the “Casper Mountain Gin” will become a reality.

It will then go to benefit Wyo. Food for Thought.

“Food for Thought seeks to work toward ending hunger as part of an overall community effort to alleviate poverty, through providing food accessibility resources, educating through workshops and classes, and empowering through SNAP, Double Up Food Bucks and more,” the Kickstarter campaign page says.

“The Wyoming Food for Thought Project is continually evolving, and is working hard to bring new and exciting opportunities to the Casper community. We are trailblazers – we are the change we want to see in our community, and we want you to join us.”

To entice people to support the project, the Kickstarter campaign offers different benefits to those who donate:

Pledge $5 or more: Shoutout on our Backers List

To thank you for your pledge, your name will be added to our Backers List on Facebook. You’ll get a high five too!

Pledge $10 or more: Winning Label Sticker

After our label competition, the top five winners will have their labels made into stickers, and you’ll get one too!

Pledge $20 or more: Launch Party Ticket

With this donation, you will gain access to our exclusive launch party, held in Backwards Distillery’s new facilities. Includes one (1) beverage and access to food on site.

Pledge $50 or more: Beverage Naming Rights

When you pledge to support us, you will also nab naming rights for our limited edition Casper Mountain Gin Beverages. Lovingly handcrafted in Backwards Distillery, this drink will be displayed on a special menu, and will cement your influence in Casper and beyond forever!

Pledge $100 or more: VIP Launch Party Ticket

Come on out and join us at our Launch Party! We will be celebrating the beginning of sharing our Casper Mountain Gin with the world at the brand new family-owned Backwards Distillery, located in downtown Casper. With your VIP status, you will be ushered to our upper floor which has a separate bar and bartender. Includes two (2) beverages and delicious catered food.

Pledge $200 or more: Bottling Party Ticket

This is going to be fun! With this donation, you will go behind the scenes of making our Casper Mountain Gin as we lead up to the official Launch Party! This event will feature unique and delicious drinks that you’ll find only at Backwards Distilling Company and a food paring from produce grown at Wyoming Food for Thought Project. There’s truly nowhere else you’ll want to be! Includes two (2) beverages and food.

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