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‘Wyoming Road Trip Playlist’ features music from Cowboy State artists


CASPER, Wyo. — The Wyoming Arts Council has put together their 2019 “Wyoming Road Trip Playlist.”

The songs on the playlist are by various Wyoming musicians. The playlist can be streamed on Spotify.

Songs on the playlist include the following:

  • “The Start” by Will Plumb
  • “Helplessly Hoping” by Canyon Kids
  • “Hwy 89” by Jason Tyler Burton
  • “Rabbit Hole” by Pete Muldoon
  • “Man on a Hill by The Woodpile
  • “Wyoming” by Isaac Hayden
  • “Honky Tonk Halos” by Jared Rogerson
  • “The Wolves” by Aaron Davis
  • “Beautiful Scars” by Bayless
  • “On My Mind” by Jason Tyler Burton
  • “Lighthouse” by Isaac Hayden
  • “Straw to the Pile” by One Ton Pig
  • “Opulent” by Crep2oose
  • “Supply & Demand” by Canyon Kids
  • “My Declaration” by Bayless
  • “You Can’t Force These Things” by The Woodpile
  • “Impavid” by Crep2oose
  • “Black Night” by Kellen Smith
  • “Same Cloth” by Aaron Davis
  • “End of the Show” by Pete Muldoon
  • “Casper and Colorado” by Kellen Smith
  • “Gone Wild” by Jared Rogerson
  • “Dead Man’s Bells” by One Ton Pig

Some of the songs have been recently release and the Wyoming Arts Council has been sharing information about the playlist throughout the summer.

“Summer is officially here and so is Aaron Davis’ new album ‘The Meander,'” the WAC said on Facebook. “We asked Aaron what he loves about creating music in Wyo. and we couldn’t agree more.”

Davis is quoted, “‘Over the course of nine albums, Wyoming has been my inspiration incubator. The Meander was recorded in my cabin studio in Hoback, and I really appreciate the immediate access to public lands here and across the state when The Mystery Machine is on the road.'”

“‘For me, creating in Wyoming is a way to endure the long winters, to embrace the community stages throughout the state, and connect with other songwriters that are dedicated their craft.'”

The WAC also talked about musician Jason Tyler Burton.

“Meet Jason Tyler Burton, one of the artists with some killer tunes on this year’s Wyoming Road Trip Playlist,” they said. “Wyoming is steeped into the creative process of Jason’s music.

“’Many of my songs have germinated when i’m exploring our public lands,'” Burton said. “‘HWY 89 got its start with me fishing along the Snake River. One of my most popular songs, The Waltz, was written while hiking solo in Yellowstone and singing a melody that also maybe helped let wildlife know I was there.'”

“‘I love the openness of Wyoming, the clear water and clean air. It’s a special place to create and the landscape always seems to seep into the songs I write.’”

Another post speaks to a new “One Ton Pig” album.

“Get excited because the release of One Ton Pig’s new album, ‘Parade of Song’ is near!” the WAC said. “Two songs from the album make an appearance on the 2019 Wyoming Road Trip Playlist and we couldn’t be more stoked for the entire album to make its way to your ears.”

“When we asked the guys what they loved about creating music in Wyoming, they said, ‘Wyoming is the Muse. The open spaces allow for open minds. It’s easy to feel like the infinite is possible in Wyoming. The music scene is tight-knit, robust, and supportive.’”

One of the songs on the album has Casper in the name. That is Kellen Smith’s “Casper and Colorado.”

The WAC talked about another of his songs.

“’And it snowed on the Fourth of July…’ go the first few words of the chorus in Kellen Smith’s song ‘Black Night,'” WAC said. “That line is perfectly Wyoming. To celebrate that spirit, we asked Kellen how Wyoming inspires his music.”

“Here’s what he has to say, ‘I love the rural communities within Wyoming. There are many great folks within the state who make Wyoming what it is. I am proud to have the opportunity to make a wonderful living ranching in Wyoming on my family ranch.'”

“‘Many of my lyrics and songs come from my Wyoming experiences and how I have been raised. I love Wyoming because it’s the cowboy state and in my opinion the best state to grow up in. I plan to continue to carry on the legacy of our family ranch here in Gillette, and to keep writing songs for those who will listen.’”