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‘Chozen Yogurt’ opening soon in downtown Casper

CASPER, Wyo. — Looking for a tasty brain freeze in downtown Casper?

A new “Chozen Yogurt” shop will give Casperites an option to satisfy their frozen yogurt, ice cream, sorbet and gelato cravings.

Owner Bryce Morton says he’s getting close to opening, with the possibility the choose-your-own yogurt shop will open up this evening, Friday, July 12.

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Morton encouraged people to check the “Chozen Yogurt” Facebook page where he’ll let people know when he’s sure he’s ready to switch on the open sign and swing open the doors.

“It’s the first time I’ve had my own business,” Morton said, adding that he bought the equipment from the people running the former “Why Not Yogurt” shop at the same 208 South Center Street location.

“The main reason for deciding to buy it was with everything going on downtown, all the David Street Station stuff, the revitalizing of downtown Casper, it seemed like it was a good idea.”

Fans of the former Why Not Yogurt can expect some similar offerings.

“We’ll still have the frozen yogurt, we’ll have sorbets, we’ll have some soft serve ice cream,” Morton said.

In a few weeks they’ll also have gelato.

Other offerings include shakes, cappuccinos, drip coffee and a soda machine.

“There’s a couple expansion thoughts I have but I won’t reveal those in advance,” Morton added.

One noticeable change Chozen Yogurt brings to the location is the new color scheme. There are pinks and greys and especially teal dancing around the walls, signs and logos of the shop.

“Teal was actually kind of based off of a friend’s water bottle,” Morton said. “Teal is kind of a popular color and it is more of an ice cream, frozen yogurt type feel in my book.”

“The paint colors have changed drastically, to me it is much more appealing than what was here.”

Morton also designed the lettering for the Chozen Yogurt signs.

“I liked how the letters looked like they’re kind of frozen,” he said.

Morton has had some help from friends and family getting the shop ready to go. Having them here is one of the reasons he moved back to Casper.

“It was kind of nice coming back to family, and of course different friends I still had back here,” Morton said.

After graduating from Natrona County High School, Morton says he went on to earn a degree in mechanical engineering. He used that degree to land jobs in the nuclear industry and the defense industry.

But now he wants to try his hand at business in his native Casper.

“I’d been looking for several months now to buy or start my own business,” Morton said. “It’s a good fit to have something downtown. With the different art walks and things happening, people are walking right by.”

Morton says he’ll likely have some special deals during art walks and is looking at the possibility of sharing his space for local artists to show some work.

When the shop is open whether during Casper Art Walks or in general, people will have a variety of flavors to choose from. They’ll be able to grab whatever size bowl they like and load it up with as few or as many of the flavors as they like.

They’ll also be able to top it off with things like hot fudge, hot caramel, fruit and candies. Then they put it on the scale and pay by weight.

The following flavors will be available when Chozen opens:

  • Pomegranate Raspberry
  • Very Raspberry Non-Fat
  • Espresso
  • Seasalt Caramel PRetzel
  • White Chocolate Mousse
  • Cake Batter Low Fat
  • White Tea Vanilla Alpine
  • Birthday Cake Non-Fat
  • Chococlate Non-Fat
  • Cheesecake No Sugar Added
  • Cotton Candy Non-Fat
  • Cookies & Cream Low Fat
  • Peanut Butter
  • Strawberry Non-Fat

Once open, Morton said his hours are likely to be 11 am-10 pm Monday through Saturday. He’s planning to be open from 12 pm- 5 pm on Sundays.