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$1.25 million to build underpasses; aims to reduce wildlife collisions

Courtesy of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department

CASPER, Wyo. — In order to help reduce vehicle collisions with mule deer along Highway 189 north of LaBarge, the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission approved $1.25 million to construct highway underpasses.

The underpasses are intended to give the animals a way to cross the highway without having to step on the road.

The first phase of the project will construct two underpasses, according to a Monday, July 22 Game and Fish news release. That project is expected to facilitate an 85-90% reduction in collisions.

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The project is called the “Dry Piney” project and the “underpasses will impact a 5-mile stretch of highway between mile markers 86-91.”

That section of the highway was selected because it “has one of the highest wildlife collision rates in Wyoming.”

Funding from other agencies such as the Wyoming Department of Transportation will support the project, Game and Fish added.

“’There is no doubt in my mind this is the way to go,’ said David Rael, Game and Fish Commission president. ‘Safety is the number one reason to invest in roadway crossings.’”