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Football registration open for Casper fifth and sixth graders

(Courtesy of the Casper Midget Football Association via Facebook)

CASPER, Wyo. — Parents and guardians of fifth and sixth graders can register their children to play football this fall.

On-time registration with the Casper Midget Football Association is open through Tuesday, Aug. 13. Registration is still possible through Sept. 4, but a $25 late fee will be added to anyone registering after Aug. 19.

The on-time registration fee is $125.

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“All equipment will be provided except for shoes, mouthpieces, and practice jerseys,” the registration announcement reads. “Mouthpieces are required and will be on sale at equipment issue for $1.00 each.”

The CMFA attempts to assign players to teams in their neighborhood or school areas. Sixth graders playing for the second year will be assigned to the team they played on as fifth graders.

“Equipment will be issued and participants will be weighed at the CMFA equipment building at Washington Park on Monday, August 12th
for 6th graders [and] Tuesday, August 13th for 5th graders,” CMFA says. “All participants must weigh in before they will be assigned to a team.”

Practices begin on Monday, Aug. 26.

CMFA says they take steps to prevent injuries.

“Since 1969, we have had only a few minor injuries to our players,” CMFA says. “We feel the reasons for this are that we buy the very best equipment available, stress physical fitness, and the players are well coached by
our volunteer staff.”

“Additionally, CMFA partners with USA Football to teach and utilize the ‘Heads Up Football Program’ which promotes proper head positioning to help prevent concussions.”

CMFA says that their program emphasizes “sportsmanship, respect, teamwork, pride and self-esteem.”

While physical exams are not required, CMFA encourages that parents and guardians have this done for their children.

“CMFA does carry a health and accident policy that is secondary to the participant’s personal coverage for claims while in our program,” CMFA says. “This policy is through USA Football and National Union Fire Insurance Co.”

“If you need further information regarding filing a claim, please see our website. The injured party is responsible for any costs incurred, and CMFA is released from all liability.”

People with further question can call CMFA at 473-8674 or visit their website.