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Casper’s employment and wages on the rise

(Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — Casper has been adding new jobs this summer, according to an August economic indicators report.

Casper counted 39,900 jobs in June, up 500 from 2018.

“The total number of nonfarm payroll jobs in Casper increased at a 1.3 percent pace in June in a year ago,” John Robinson, principal economist with Wyoming’s Economic Analysis Division said.

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(State of Wyoming Economic Analysis Division)

The government sector added 100 jobs in June compared with a year ago, according to Robinson.

“In the private sector, professional & business services and education & health each added the most jobs (+200) in June when compared to the previous year,” he added. “Leisure & hospitality and other services were the only sectors to report a loss (-100 jobs each) compared to a year ago.”

Private sector jobs were also on the rise in June compared to May 2019.

“Jobs associated with Casper’s private sector increased in June by 500 compared to May,” Robinson said.  “The June 2019 private job count was 34,100, higher than the June 2018 level by 400 jobs.”

(State of Wyoming Economic Analysis Division)

Weekly earning in Casper also rose in June compared with May and with June 2018.

“Casper’s weekly earnings rose in June to $998.31 compared to May’s $967.50 and was higher than the level attained in June 2018 of $967.99,” Robinson said. “The weekly earnings indicator is a product of average weekly hours multiplied by average hourly earnings.” 

“Weekly hours increased to 38.5 in June 2019 from 38.2 in a year ago comparison.  Also, hourly earnings improved, rising to $25.93 from a level of $25.34 reached one year ago.”

The full August report is available online.