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Car wash to benefit Wyoming Rescue Mission

(Central Wyoming Rescue Mission via Facebook)

CASPER, Wyo. — Casper’s Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church youth group will be volunteering at a car was to benefit the Wyoming Rescue Mission.

The event will take place from 10 am-4 pm Saturday, Aug. 24 at Let ‘Er Buck Car Wash.

“$1 will be donated from every wash sold,” Emma Connell, the rescue mission’s marketing and events manager says. “Donations will also be accepted at this event.”

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Connell, who recently graduated from the University of Wyoming before joining the mission, says she thinks more events of this type will happen moving forward.

She says her decision to accept the mission’s offer was based off of their commitment to helping address homelessness issues in the community.

“It does such integral and practical work,” Connell says.

While at university, Connell says she had “classmates who lived out of their cars.”

That and work she did with various non-profits during her education made her see the need for the work the mission is doing.

Connell hopes to help share that message with the community.

“We just started an Instagram,” she says.

She adds that people interested in learning more can contact the mission to connect.

“I want to encourage tours,” she says.

The mission’s new facility is “beautiful and fantastic,” according to Connell.

Plans to add more “Discipleship Program” housing are underway.

Something the mission plans to address more in the future is services for struggling families.

“Right now, we have an overflow of families that don’t have a place to go,” she says.

There is talk of the Wyoming Rescue Mission building a family center somewhere down the line, Connell adds.

So far, she’s really optimistic about the work she sees going on.

“I love it,” Connell says. “I love the passion.”

Partnering with more local groups and youth groups is something Connell thinks will happen increasingly, she adds.

(Courtesy of the Wyoming Rescue Mission)