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CATC gets $12,000 donation for low income fare program

(Brendan LaChance, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Wells Fargo Foundation has given CATC a $12,000 donation to support the Casper area transportation service’s low-income fare assistance program.

This donation is a “significant increase from the seed grant” that Wells Fargo provided CATC in 2018, according to CATC Board Vice President Carol Crump.

That 2018 seed grant allowed CATC to restart the low-assistance fare program.

“CATC’s Low Income Fare Assistance Program provides a limited number of tickets or tokens for rides on CATC or The Bus for local people who have low, very low, extremely low, or no income at all as defined by federal poverty guidelines from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Wyoming Department of Health,” Crump said in a Wednesday, Sept. 4 release.

CATC Executive Director John Jones says that the support from Wells Fargo will allow the program to broaden its reach to Bar Nunn, Evansville, Mills and other Natrona County residents in addition to those in Casper.

“The additional funds will also increase the number of tickets and tokens available to the community’s low income individuals during more months of the year,” Crump added.

Jones says that CATC and The Bus is the only transportation option for some in the Casper area to travel to and from work and access medical services, education and shopping.

“CATC depends on Casper’s Optional One-Cent sales tax and community support to continue and maintain the program that helps the poorest of the poor, the elderly, disabled or transportation disadvantaged passengers who do not own or have access to a working vehicle or the money to afford alternate modes of transportation to get around the community,” the release adds.

More information about CATC is available online.