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Mayor implores rest of council to get more involved in state politics

(YouTube, City of Casper)

CASPER, Wyo. — Casper Mayor Charlie Powell thinks it is critical that Casper’s city council members play an active role in state politics.

“We have not been active players at the state level,” Powell said of Casper’s engagement with the Wyoming Legislature. “I implore you to become more involved.”

“Our lives depend heavily on actions of the legislature.”

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Powell and Councilman Mike Huber attended a recent Wyoming Association of Municipalities meeting. Powell said during the Tuesday, Sept. 10 work session that he would liked to have seen more council member attend that meeting.

“WAM’s strength is directly proportional to the involvement of its members,” he said. “I just think down the road, if we’re going to be effective, we have got to be active at the state level.”

Huber agreed that WAM was important to pushing Casper’s interests at the state level.

“One of the things that I can tell you from all of my years working in the state goverment, the thing that the legislature loves to do is divide and conquer,” he said. “WAM is the one vehicle we have to not let them divide us.”

Councilman Ray Pacheco said he recognized that being engaged with WAM was important, but added that getting in more frequent in contact with legislators was also crucial.