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Three Crowns irrigation sees breaks, future replacement $2 million plus


CASPER, Wyo. ― The irrigation system at the Three Crowns Golf Club course has seen some breakages this summer.

While the piping likely won’t need to be replaced for another five or more years, the cost of replacing that piping today would be about $2 million.

“We’ve have two significant breaks this year, which is not unusual,” Three Crowns General Manager Matt Reams told the Amoco Reuse Agreement Joint Powers board at their Wednesday, Sept. 11 meeting.

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He said that ground movement or other factors could cause such PVC breakages. Reams added that such systems tend to last between 20-40 years, depending on location.

“The valve system that was here was not maintained properly,” Reams added. “When we do have a break we have to shut the whole system down.”

In the short term, Reams says Three Crowns management will prepare some cost estimates for fixing the valve system, but digging up and replacing all the pipes is not currently needed.

“A complete new irrigation system would be just north of $2 million right now,” Reams said. “We don’t see anything in the next five plus years needing to replace [the piping].”

Three Crowns’ golf cart lease is also nearing its expiration date. Reams said they’ll prepare a proposal to either buy or lease gasoline or electric carts.

“I do tend to lean toward gasoline in this place,” he said.

ARAJPB board member Doug Follick added that Three Crowns has been down 1,700 from last year. Net income is down about $14,000 from 2018.

Snow and cold weather in April and May contributed to this, Reams said.

The golf season is winding down.

“After Labor Day, golf kind of takes a back seat,” Reams said.

Follick said that Three Crowns has a new marketing strategy to have lunch provided along with people purchasing a round of golf.

“I think that should be pretty successful,” he said.