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Young Casperites: ‘Can we have the food trucks back?’

CASPER, Wyo. — While some Casper City Council members may roll their eyes when the topic of downtown food trucks comes up, young Casperites at an ENDOW Summit 2019 identified this as a priority for making Casper a place they want to stay long term.

“Can we have the food trucks back?” Kyle Gamroth said at a summit breakout session on Saturday, Sept. 7 focused on gathering ideas for what attendees would like to see happen in Casper.

Gamroth’s comment was met with vocal support from others in the room.

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Councilwoman Khrystyn Lutz was also in attendance at this meeting. She said she “fought tooth and nail” to encourage the rest of the council to loosen up time restrictions for food trucks in the downtown and Old Yellowstone District.

Some food truck owners said they thought the council’s Aug. 6 decision to make downtown mobile vendor parking permits valid for 24 hours was helpful.

Previously, mobile vendors were only able to operate from 3 pm to 3 am Monday-Friday and from 1 pm to 3 am on weekends.

Lutz offered an amendment during the third reading of an food truck-related ordinance which passed, which came as a surprise to some owners.

“I almost thought they made a mistake,” Lefty’s BBQ and Catering owner Dave Hinton said after the vote.

On Saturday, Lutz said she thought it was unlikely she’d receive much support from the rest of the council to make further changes to the parking permit rules from the rest of the council.

“I feel like I got as much support as I’m going to get,” she said.

However, the city council has expressed support for dedicating the Goodstein parking lot near the corner of David Street and Midwest Avenue for food trucks to park and serve near downtown.

Since that property is owned by the state, the city needs to work out their lease agreement with the state to allow that idea to move forward.

Lutz suggested that the young people at the meeting consider attending city council meetings to voice any wishes pertaining to food trucks or other ideas. She said that she thought consistent participation in their local government could influence the decisions the council makes.