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Casper Police recognize National Policewoman’s Day

Courtesy of the Casper Police Department

CASPER, Wyo. — The Casper Police Department has announced that they are recognizing September 12th, 2019 as National Policewoman’s Day, by honoring female police officers.

“Female police officers make up roughly ten percent of sworn personnel at the Casper Police Department, which is consistent with the national statistic,” a statement from the Casper Police Department said. “While they may be outnumbered, their impact speaks for itself. Our female police officers have responded to 5,510 calls for service over the last twelve months, that’s an astounding twelve percent of the total calls for service.”

“Our female officers bring unique skill sets and perspectives to our department,” added Casper Police Chief Keith McPheeters. “They make us a better police department. I am proud to have such selfless and powerful female officers. Our citizens should be too.”

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“We have a lot of fantastic and capable female officers in our department,” said Casper Police Officer Andrea Husted. “The community should feel prideful that these ladies have taken on the challenge to make Casper a better place to live.”

Female officers are often called upon by the community and fellow officers to respond to complex situations.

“I think being a female officer is beneficial to the community, especially when dealing with female assault victims,” said Casper Police Officer Keri Patrick. “A lot of the time, especially if these women were victimized by men, they would rather not disclose details to another man. As a female officer, I am able to be a more comforting presence while they relive some of the worst moments of their lives.”

One of the most powerful reasons Caspers female officers wear the badge with is to leave a legacy to young girls who look up to them, several of the women officers said.

As a School Resource Officer, Randi Garrett influences young girls every day. “I enjoy being a great role model for young females,” Officer Garrett said. “I want to show girls that they can succeed in any career, even if it’s traditionally more male dominant. They can do any job they want.”

“I like being a role model for girls, letting them know they can be anything,” said Casper Police Detective Shannon Daley. “I love it when I get pictures drawn by elementary girls and they draw a picture of themselves saying they want to be a police officer when they grow up.”

The Casper Police Department press release regarding National Police Woman’s Day says that being a female police officer does not come without its challenges. From the overall lack of females who work in the field, to the ability to gain respect from the public when alongside a male officer.

“I feel as if I have to prove to people I can handle myself as well as any other officer,” said Officer Husted.

“There is sometimes a sense of doubt that I am capable of doing the job because I’m a female,” said Officer Garrett. “I was born and raised in Casper. I enjoy being a part of a great community. I believed the best way to make a difference in Casper was by becoming a police officer.”

“I spent several years serving in Emergency Medical Services. I felt reactive,” said Casper Police Sergeant Sara Nelson. “As a medic, I couldn’t stop a drunk driver from causing an accident. I was a part of the aftermath. As a police officer, I have the ability to help stop that from happening. We have a small but mighty group of women officers here and I’m proud to be one of them.”

“Being a female officer is awesome,” continued Detective Daley. “You and your capabilities are often underestimated by the criminal element. One of my favorite foot chases ever was when I chased and apprehended a male. While I was arresting him, I asked him why he ran. His response? ‘Because you’re a girl and I didn’t think you’d catch me!’ His friends that chose not to run may have heard on the police radio that he was caught by a girl.”

The Casper Police Department said that they extend an invitation to any female considering a career in law enforcement to reach out to them.

You can contact the CPD and learn more at

Courtesy of the Casper Police Department
Courtesy of the Casper Police Department