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Journey librarian lands ‘2019 Wyoming Celebrate Literacy Award’

(Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — Journey Elementary School librarian Ginny Nading has been presented with the “2019 Wyoming Celebrate Literacy Award.”

“Ginny takes pride in running her library differently,” the Natrona County School District said in their Monday, Oct. 7 announcement. “Instead of the usual no-noise, sit at a desk and read quietly setting, Ginny gives students a choice of flexible seating options and opportunities for hands-on learning.”

“This year she is beginning to explore with Breaker Space, a work station that has ‘misfit’ toys and other broken electronics for students to disassemble and discover with.”

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Nading has been with NCSD for 13 years and spent the last six years as an elementary librarian. She credits her fifth-grade teacher Mr. Smith from her days in Cody, Wyoming for her love of literacy.

“’I loved going to my school library and looking for that special book while thumbing through the card catalog and listening to the read-aloud,'” Nading said. “’This award means so much to me. It was humbling to be nominated, let alone be a recipient.'”

“‘I think literacy is so important to everyone, whether it is for pleasure, research, or work. Literacy is a functional life skill that we all need to have. I love being able to share my love of reading to my students, all 400 and some, through different tones and excitement.’”

Nading was presented with her award at the “Young Authors Celebration” Sept. 7 in Casper.

She’ll complete a bachelor’s degree in Library Sciences she’s seeking from Valley City State University this spring.