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Rescue Mission expects cold weather to impact over 200 homeless in Casper

(Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Wyoming Rescue Mission says that they expect that over 200 homeless individuals in the Casper area will need help this winter.

“As temperatures continue to drop, as many as 205 homeless men, women and children will need our help on a daily basis this winter,” Executive Director Brad Hopkins said in an Oct. 8 release.

He adds that cold weather can be particularly harsh for older people.

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“This time of year can be unbearable for those living on the
streets,” said Hopkins. “We look for signs of hypothermia – shivering, nausea, confusion, slurred speech.”

“It can be a life or death situation, especially for people who are older, ill or in poor physical condition.”

The rescue mission says they have the resources to provide food, shelter and other services to about 140 people each night during the winter.

But with the expectation that up to 205 people may need support, the rescue mission is asking for support from the community.

“New or gently used winter coats, as well as warm gloves and hats, boots and undergarments for men and women are always appreciated and provide tremendous help,” Hopkins says. “We also need bus token donations, to help provide our guests with the means to safely get to work and other necessary appointments during this season.”

People can bring clothing, food and bus tokens to 230 North Park Street.

Monetary donations are also accepted and are used to help pay the mission’s winter utility bills. Those can be made online.