Mass butterfly and dragonfly migration captured on weather radar (DIAGRAMS)

(National Weather Service)

CASPER, Wyo. — Monarch butterflies from the United States and Canada migrate to the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico during the winter.

Dragonflies also display migratory behaviors, but the United States Forest Service says this is less understood.

A mass migration of Monarch butterflies and dragonflies was captured on National Weather Service radar on Oct. 5.

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This radar is generally used to track things like thunderstorm formations but in this case, it captured the mass insect migration over central Oklahoma.

“This radar image with a green, yellow, and red wave washing across Oklahoma captures the mass migration of Monarch butterflies and dragonflies being carried by a north wind behind a cold front passing through central Oklahoma on October 5,” the NWS said on Facebook.

“The yellow and red colors show the highest concentration of butterflies and dragonflies on the leading edge, with more of them following behind indicated by the green color.”

The NWS provided this diagram to further explain the purpose of radar:


The U.S. Forest Service provides further information about Monarch migration patterns. This image shows their general migration patterns as the weather gets colder:

(U.S. Forest Service)