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Natrona students stay safety sharp with bus evacuation drills

CASPER, Wyo. — With about 2,600 students riding the bus each day along with approximately 610 field trips and 1,300 activity trips, the Natrona County School District wants to ensure students stay sharp when it comes to bus safety.

“Over the past two months, the NCSD Transportation team has been working together with schools to conduct practice bus evacuation drills,” NCSD Spokeswoman Tanya Southerland said on Monday, Oct. 14. “Bus drivers and NCSD Transportation team members shared bus safety information and reviewed rules for bus ridership with students and staff as part of the process.”

The bus evacuation drills are school wide and offer students the chance to ask questions.

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“We are reaching a much larger audience by conducting bus evacuation drills for the entire school,”said Vickie Skates, NCSD Assistant Transportation Director. “This approach also allows for more interactions with the drivers and the opportunity for students to ask questions.”

“It’s been a collective team approach and we are so excited to be working in collaboration with our school principals and teachers to help educate students on bus safety.”

Other motorists should take note that it is illegal to pass a stopped bus with stop signs out or lights flashing.

In September, the district said there were 70 incidents of drivers illegally passing buses in 2.5 weeks.

Buses are equipped with video surveillance and Wyoming law allows tickets to be issued to drivers who disobey the rules using such footage.