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Wyomingites lose $4.5 million as cyber crime nearly doubles in 2018


CASPER, Wyo. — Wyomingites lost $4,517,128 in various cyber crimes in 2018.

That is according to Federal Bureau of Investigation data shared by the Wyoming Department of Education on Monday, Oct. 21.

“Losses due to security breaches and scams for Wyoming’s
citizens, businesses, and organizations nearly doubled between 2017
and 2018, according to the FBI’s Internet Crimes Complaint Database
reports,” WDE Chief of Operations Trent Carroll said in a memo.

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Carroll adds that there are 172 unfilled cybersecurity job positions across the state.

“Cybertrained technology professionals are needed to help in every business, hospital, school, nonprofit, and municipality in the state,” he adds. “Education of our students for these high-paying jobs, and teaching them to be safe in an increasingly connected world, is more important than ever.”

The United States Department of Education will award a “Presidential Cybersecurity Education Award” in spring 2020 to highlight the need for such education.

“Two educators, one elementary and one secondary, will be awarded in the spring of 2020,” Carroll adds. “The award criteria includes instilling their students with the skills, knowledge and passion for cybersecurity and related topics and subjects.”

Educators can be nominated for the award until Jan. 31, 2020.

“Anyone may nominate an educator and self-nominations are also permitted,” says Carroll.

More information about the award is available here. Nominations can be sent to CyberAwards@ed.gov.