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Casper neighborhood gas shut off due to dangerous pipes


CASPER, Wyo. — Black Hills Energy is shutting off gas to some addresses in the Mesa Del Sol neighborhood.

“Black Hills Energy is going to supply space heaters to the occupants for heating purposes; but, the occupants with gas water heaters will not have hot water,” the City of Casper said in a Friday, Oct. 25 release. “Black Hills Energy is concerned that the interior gas piping may be compromised because of settling and movement of the homes at the addresses listed.”

Those addresses in the Mesa Del Sol neighborhood are:

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  • 2884 Villa Del Rey
  • 2872 Villa Del Rey
  • 2860 Villa Del Rey
  • 2848 Villa Del Rey
  • 2836 Villa Del Rey

“Black Hills Energy has also contacted Rocky Mountain Power about these addresses and their electrical services,” the release adds. “In October 2018, Higgins and Associates, Inc., notified the City of Casper about numerous houses, that, in their opinion, had conditions posing imminent danger to the occupants.”

“The City of Casper Building Division notified homeowners at the identified addresses of the report, and requested inspections of their homes. The City of Casper inspected several homes, and supplied reports to homeowners.”

Contractors were also notified who constructed the homes.

“Litigation is in progress and has yet to be settled,” the city says. “In the letters sent to the homeowners requesting inspections it is stated: ‘In the meantime, we suggest careful review of the correspondence and consultation with Higgins and Associates, Inc., or another qualified forensic engineering consultant to determine the best course of action to protect you and your property from potential imminent danger.’”