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Statue vandalized in Riverton’s Veteran’s Memorial Park (PHOTOS)

A piece of the statue is missing as shown in this photo. (Riverton Police Department, Facebook)

CASPER, Wyo. — A statue in Riverton’s Veteran’s Memorial Park has been vandalized.

The Riverton Police Department is seeking information on the vandalism.

“There is a memorial out behind city hall, a special and respected space called Veteran’s Park and recently it was vandalized and damaged,” Riverton PD said on Facebook on Thursday, Nov. 7.

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Photos they shared show that the upper part of the statue was broken off ahead of the upcoming Veteran’s Day.

This photo shows what the statue looked like prior to the vandalism. (Riverton Police Department, Facebook)

“You can easily spot the difference in these two photos, a purposeful act of disrespect to not only the monument but also to those who have served,” Riverton PD said. “If you notice your roommate laughing about their new decoration, or spot the piece of this statute in someone’s yard please give us a call.”

“We would like to chat with the individuals responsible.”

Riverton PD can be reached at (307) 856-4891.

(Riverton Police Department, Facebook)