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Dan Cepeda earns honor for Oil City News (PHOTOS)

Oil City Staff

EDITORIAL by Trevor T. Trujillo
Editor-In-Chief, Oil City News

It’s been just over three years since the announcement that Oil City News had been purchased by an owner in the Casper area and would begin a transformation into a new and different online news source. In the early days of our current incarnation, part of that transformation was a dynamic, artistic, and factual look at our community through the lens of photographer Dan Cepeda.

Dan came to Oil City with several years experience photographing news from all around Casper and Wyoming, and as soon as he came on board Oil City News started looking better. In the years since Dan joined us, he has become a fantastic contributor of photos and feature stories about our city, our region, and our people.

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Staff and partners of Oil City recently attended the The Local Independent Online News Publishers, aka LION Publishers, conference in Nashville, Tennessee and entered our publication’s first competition. Dan was announced as a finalist in Best Visual Journalism Project category. During the conference in October, 2019, it was announced that Dan had won first place in the competition.

Oil City and Dan submitted three of Dan’s photojournalism pieces from the 2018-2019 season, including a bone crunching look at a bare knuckle boxing match, a touching story of community veterans being honored, and a photo gallery of the May deployment of the local Army National Guard 2nd Battalion, 300th Field Artillery.

Judges left the following comments regarding Dan’s work:

“These photo essays were all powerful pieces that told very human stories. The quality of the photojournalism was superb; these stories were obviously in the hands of a very talented photographer. Especially strong was the deployment ceremony, which captured the strong emotions of families as their loved ones were about to go back to war zones. Kudos to Dan Cepeda and his editors!”

LION Publishers Conference 2019, Judge for Best Visual Journalism Project

“Strong entry overall in terms of showing the value of a local news organization: An excellent job of bringing the community to life via photo collections that capture lots of local faces and evoke the of having been there to witness what the photographer saw, especially the military send-off event package.”

LION Publishers Conference 2019, Judge for Best Visual Journalism Project

We are very proud of Dan’s accomplishment and wanted to show the community that not only is he making us Oil City News look good, he’s making everyone in Casper and Wyoming look good.

Following Dan’s award reception in Nashville, his boss took him out for a celebration and axe throwing.

Please join us in congratulating Dan on his well deserved recognition.

Dan Cepeda poses with his LION Publisher’s award. Judges cited Dan’s photography as telling emotional and important human stories about the community of Casper. (Trevor T. Trujillo, Oil City)
Dan Cepeda wins for Best Visual Journalism Project, at the LION Publishers conference in Nashville, Tenn.- October, 2019 (Oil City Staff)
(Oil City Staff)
Dan tries his hand at celebratory axe throwing, at a bar in downtown Nashville, Tennessee; October 2019. (Trevor T. Trujillo, Oil City)

Dan’s award winning coverage from 2018-2019: