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Wyoming hunting applications set to open Jan. 2


CASPER, Wyo. — Applications to hunt six Wyoming big game species and wild turkey will open Jan. 2.

“Beginning at 8 a.m., resident and nonresident hunters can begin to submit applications for elk, deer, antelope, spring turkey, moose, sheep and mountain goat,” the Wyoming Game and Fish Department says. “The first deadline is Jan. 31 for nonresident elk and resident and nonresident spring turkey.”

“Nonresident elk hunters should also be aware of a significant change to the draw date beginning in 2020. The nonresident elk application period remains Jan. 2-31. However,  applicants have until May 8 to modify or withdraw their applications. Draw results will post the third week in May.  The change is meant to give applicants more information before the draw.”

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Game and Fish will not be publishing tentative season information for any species except moose, sheep and mountain goat starting in 2020.

“Instead, hunters can reference the 2019 regulations and archery season dates on the Hunter Planner,” the department says. “Final season information will be published on May 1, with time for hunters to make modifications or withdraw applications.”

Game and Fish says that all applications need to be submitted online.