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Camping and Casper Mountain ski passes to become available online

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CASPER, Wyo. — It’s 2020 and Natrona County is working to implement some technological upgrades.

The topic came up after a Rocky Mountain Discount Sports manager offered to make Casper Mountain Trails Center passes and camping permits available to people at their CY Avenue store.

Brian Willard told the Natrona County Parks Board on Thursday, Jan. 9 that making passes available at the store could help alleviate a concern that some people are accessing the trails without purchasing passes.

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Board member James Miller said at the meeting that some people have been accessing the trails without obtaining the passes to ski or snowshoe, adding that there are times when no one is available to check whether people have passes.

According to County Commissioner Brook Kaufman, season ski passes have been available online for a while and day passes were recently made available online as well.

Acting Parks Director and Road and Bridge Supervisor Mike Haigler said that the county is also moving toward making camping permits available for purchase online.

He added that the system will allow people to look at maps and photos of available spots and learn which amenities are available online.

Haigler added that a benefit to making the camping permits available online would be that the county wouldn’t need to go around collecting fees from the traditional drop boxes.

An exact date when either the online camping passes will be available is not set.

County Attorney Eric Nelson told Willard that he could apply with the county to make the trails passes available at Rocky Mountain Discount Sports.

However, making camping permits available at the store wouldn’t work at most sites, according to Haigler, since someone could purchase a pass at a store only to go out to the site and find that it was already full.

The county is also planning to make video of Board of County Commissioner and Parks Board meetings held at the Natrona County Courthouse available online.

Nelson said on Thursday that it may be possible to also live stream the meetings, though this is not yet certain. In any case, he said that in coming months, the county will begin to post videos of meetings to a Youtube channel.

UPDATE: The ski passes are available online. A previous version of this story said they would soon become available.