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New I’Scream 4 Wings food truck takes flight

Brian Daniels poses in front of the refurbished I’Scream 4 Wings food truck at his home in Bar Nunn. Daniels and his wife Brandi now run two trucks, including the I’Scream 4 Ice Cream. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. – A mean-looking old truck is ready to start serving up some mean hot wings.

After months of work and a couple of detours, the latest food truck by Bar Nunn residents Brian and Brandi Daniels will be serving wings and fresh-cut fries in downtown Casper on Saturday afternoon.

“The initial plan in the beginning was to do ice cream and wings out of the same truck,” said Brian, who with his wife first unveiled the I’Scream 4 Ice Cream truck in 2018.

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The truck was built into a 1948 International Harvester truck that spent much of its life in a New Mexico rail yard before ending up in Sheridan.

(Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

“After we set it up for the ice cream to get a feel for how everything went, we decided there was no way we could do both out of the same truck,” said Brian.

Last year they bought another retired railroad truck from the same Sheridan seller, this time a smaller 1947 Ford. The Ford was put onto a 1985 Suburban chassis and became the I’Scream for Ice Cream truck, freeing up the International to become a dedicated wings truck.

“We liked how that turned out, so I did the same to this one,” said Brian. “I took it off the old chassis and put it on an ’89 Dodge one-ton dually. It actually drives good, with good breaks and power steering.”

He kept the same old-school hot rod theme on both trucks, with Rat Fink-inspired characters and vintage car and garage pieces cleverly placed inside and out.

Going from slinging ice cream to frying chicken meant buying a full ventilation hood with fire suppression to pass city codes. The chicken fryers are second-hand, but Brian modified them to run on propane. The fryers for fries run on a generator.

Brian Daniels poses inside the I’Scream 4 Wings truck. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

The food is all house-made, said Brian, including mild, hot and BBQ sauces as well as a blue cheese dressing.

“We’ll probably add more flavors later,” he said. “We wanted to start out kind of basic.”

“If everything goes right, we’ll take two trucks to certain events,” said Brian, nothing that the Memorial Weekend Car Show has already requested them.

The truck made its debut during a soft opening in Bar Nunn earlier this week. Its first official day out is Saturday, Jan. 25, in front of Frontier Brewing Company on Second Street in downtown Casper.

Brian quit his regular job last May to put his full effort into building and operating the food trucks with help from his family.

He’s hesitant to say how much additional help from family his labor of love will continue to draw on.

“We kind of burned them out a little bit,” Brian laughs. “You don’t realize how much work scooping ice cream is until you do it.”

Brian Daniels does most of his marketing and booking through social media. The I’Scream 4 Wings food truck’s Facebook page can be seen here. The I’Scream 4 Ice Cream Facebook page can be found here.

Vintage motor oil cans are repurposed for cash and supplies. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)
(Dan Cepeda, Oil City)