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Casper PD issue only one citation during demonstrations prior to 5 pm Wednesday

The only citation issued prior to 5 pm Wednesday, June 3 was to an individual who allegedly caused damage to the red truck seen in this screenshot. (Oil City staff)

CASPER, Wyo. — Casper Police Department Public Information Officer Rebekah Ladd said that police issued only one citation surrounding demonstrations that began at 12 pm Wednesday, June 3.

She said that prior to 5 pm, the only citation was a summons for property damage issued to an individual who allegedly caused damage to a red truck.

As demonstrators marched east along East Second Street near the Hilltop Shopping Center, the truck slowly made its way through the crowd. Some demonstrators and the driver of the vehicle exchanged words.

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Armed citizens also walked among the demonstrators as they headed down the street. Voices can be heard in this video calling for people to “keep it peaceful”:

Police monitored the demonstrations throughout the afternoon. A crash occurred near the Wyoming Medical Center when a truck carrying protesters in its bed hit the curb next to Conwell Park and threw some people who were in the vehicle.

Three people sustained injuries and were taken to the Wyoming Medical Center, Ladd explained.

The Casper Youth for Change helped organize the march which began at noon and moved to the Natrona County Hall of Justice. They said their participation in the demonstrations ended at 12:55 pm and discouraged others from continuing.

“The CYFC protest ended at 12:55 PM MDT today,” Casper Youth for Change said in a press release. “As of 3:06 PM MDT, it appears that an additional group of protesters has continued on and is now blocking the intersection at 2nd and Wyoming Blvd. the CYFC has no affiliation with these protesters and we do not condone blocking traffic like this. George Floyd’s uncle, who we were in contact with, wanted a peaceful, respectful, silent protest.”

“In addition, the last post on our page has information on what we believe may be a right-wing extremist group here in Casper. Please see that post for more details. These two things combined are highly dangerous. We urge anyone still protesting and blocking the intersection to please stop and go home. Practicing activism is only great when it is safe.”

Others continued protesting throughout the afternoon. While many of the demonstrators dispersed as the afternoon stretched into the evening, reporters downtown said that smaller groups of demonstrators were gathered in various places.

While reporters observed police officers preparing to write citations for some demonstrators hanging out of the windows of their vehicles for not wearing seatbelts, Ladd said at around 6:15 pm that she was not aware that any citations had been issued after 5 pm.