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Inmates at Torrington medium-security correctional facility learn plumbing trade

Antoine Lewis learns the plumbing trade at WMCI in Torrington (WDOC)

Casper, Wyo — Offenders at the Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution (WMCI) in Torrington now have the opportunity to learn the plumbing trade, according to a release from the Wyoming Department of Corrections (WDOC).   

The overall goal of vocational training is to reduce inmates’ risk of recidivism by teaching them marketable skills they can use to find and retain employment following release from prison. The plumbing program is designed to teach inmates about general employment skills needed for specific jobs. The vocational training also allows inmates to assist in institutional maintenance tasks within the prison.

Rick Schwartzkopf, a Master Plumber, teaches the program, beginning with an 80-hour National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) core course. Modules in the course cover safety, construction math and drafting skills, power and hand tool introduction, material handling, and communication and employability skills. The course includes relevant lab work, according to the release.

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Following this course is a twelve-module, 140-hour course of instruction in plumbing. These modules are: Introduction to the Plumbing Profession, Plumbing Safety, Tools of the Plumbing Trade, Introduction to Plumbing Math, Introduction to Plumbing Drawing, Plastic Pipe and Fittings, Copper Pipe and Fittings, Cast-Iron Pipe and Fittings, Carbon Steel Pipe and Fittings, Introduction to Plumbing Fixtures, Introduction to Drain, Waste, and Vent (DWV) Systems, and Introduction to Water Distribution Systems, and relevant lab work.