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New food truck brings tacos back to Casper streets

Customers order at the new 307 Street Tacos trailer in the Sherwin-Williams parking lot recently in Casper. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. – Street tacos are the main reasons food trucks exist.

The rolling culinary tradition really took hold out of necessity in areas with large migrant populations who craved quick, tasty and affordable food but couldn’t necessarily take time from work to find a restaurant.

Taco trucks soon became ubiquitous in southern California, and all over the southwest.

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In Casper, the street taco has largely been left out of the food truck scene. Some may fondly remember La Texanita, a taco truck from San Diego that parked in Casper for two summers. Hearts were broken when they decided not to return.

Happily, Casper’s taco story is getting brighter thanks to a Glenrock family who are bringing their southern New Mexico experience to the Oil City.

“We’re just a little family business we just got going,” said Travis McFarland.

Travis and his parents, Eric and Jonie McFarland, recently started serving tacos, quesadillas, nachos and other delights when they launched 307 Street Tacos in May.

Customers line up at the 307 Street Tacos trailer recently in the Sherwin-Williams parking lot in Casper. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

The family also runs Screen Cycle, a smartphone repair business in downtown Casper, but the new truck has become their second full-time passion.

“We were talking about opening up a restaurant a couple of years ago, and started leaning towards more of a food truck concept,” said Travis.

“Then we found the trailer,” he said.

The trailer was custom-built for a Hico, Texas man serving burgers and sweets.

The coronavirus pandemic, along with a slumping oil economy in central Texas, put the breaks on his business. That’s when the McFarlands decided to make their move.

No modifications were needed on the trailer, so they went to work doing small catering jobs before a soft opening parked at the Gruner Bros. Brewery in late May.

“We sold out of everything twice, my mother had to run and get more stuff and we sold out of that too,” said Travis.

The family lived in the southern New Mexico town of Alamogordo before moving here in 2012, and they decided to bring those culinary traditions here.

Chiles for the sauces come fresh from Hatch, New Mexico, and the flour tortillas and taco shells are all made from scratch.

“It takes us about five or six hours of prep every day,” said Travis.

(Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

Travis says their shrimp tacos with an avocado salsa and sour cream drizzle is one of their signatures. The chicken tacos have a habanero and mango salsa he created, and beef tacos with either ground or shredded meat come with options ranging from salsas to queso sauce. Loaded nachos, quesadillas, churros and dessert tacos are also featured.

Travis says they plan to run the taco trailer year round, and will make homemade jerky to sell during colder months.

“We’re going to keep this out as much as we can,” he said, adding the family isn’t concerned about starting a business in the COVID era. They believe a food truck is well positioned for any health restrictions that may reappear.

“Everybody wants to be outside, the weather’s beautiful,” he said.

Schedules for 307 Street Tacos are posted on their Facebook page.