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Short summer courses from UW in law, ethics, tech writing, and Wyoming’s future

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CASPER, Wyo — The University of Wyoming’s short summer courses are underway. Most are just $50 and are non-credit. They are designed to facilitate learning and enrichment for Wyoming citizens. Register at the UW website.

Classes running July 6-24 include:

  • Legal Bootcamp I: A course designed to improve the operational efficiency of small and entrepreneurial businesses by surveying fundamental legal issues confronting typical (esp. Wyoming-based) small business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Ethics & Leadership: A course that helps students articulate and embrace a core set of ethical principles that will serve as the foundation for a leadership style. It also aims to assist students in identifying the ethical “enablers and disablers” impacting personal and professional decision-making
  • Wyoming’s Future: A look at Wyoming’s marketplace future and the need for innovation and entrepreneurship. The course will feature Wyoming-based content and marketplace heroes, such as Buffalo Bill Cody, singer Chris LeDoux, management guru W. Edwards Deming.
  • College Writing Readiness: This online course is designed for students who wish to improve their college writing readiness in a supportive learning environment
  • Résumé and Cover Letter Writing

A number of course that began in June are still accepting registrations including Rebuilding Toursim-Recovering the Visitor Economy, and Information Privilege.

Classes with start dates to be announced include:

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  • Intro to Programming with Python: ($100)
  • Intro to Data Visualization: ($50) Participants will learn and work through the entire process of creating basic data visualizations. Topics will include data ethics, the art and theory behind data visualization, data cleaning, software selection, and creating visualizations.
  • Porchlight Entomology: ($100) This online course focuses on insect identification and biology, and is conceptually based on a citizen science program in which moths that come to porchlights can be identified online from cell phone photos.