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Energy work, live music at Saturday’s Solstice Celebration

Summer Solstice Celebration 2020 at the Clarion Inn (Oil City Staff)

CASPER, Wyo — After the cancellation of March’s Holisitc Expo due to the coronavirus, Casper citizens got their chance to browse essential oils and seek the services of massage therapists and holistic energy workers on Saturday at the Summer Solstice Celebration at the Clarion Inn, formerly the Parkway Plaza.

“People are more invested in their health since COVID,” said Molly Jurgensen, director of Mosaic Massage College, at the celebration. She said people feel a lot better after massage therapy. “I think people are just happy to be out of the house,” she added.

Quinlan Valdez, a Casper-based acoustic musician whose showcase at the Metro Coffee Company was cancelled due to COVID-19, played his first live set since the pandemic at the festival.

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“I was definitely stretching old muscles,” said Valdez, who will return to the Clarion for another live set July 11.

Attendee Natasha Bradley reported that she felt “lighter, clearer [and] more energized” after a session with Mike Watts of Sacred Bio Energy Journey, LLC.

Watts said there was “Not a lot heavy stuff” weighing on the minds of the attendeees. “People are waking up. The energy field is rising,” Watts said. He also said people were becoming more receptive to the possible benefits of energy work.

“Spirituality and quantum physics are saying the same things, they’re just representing them differently,” Watts said.