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Partial Fire ban in effect for Natrona County July 1

Burned trees are silhouetted against the morning sky on Casper Mountain. Part of the area was burned during the 2006 Jackson Canyon Fire and is now regenerating. The area is close in proximity to non-burn forest where nets are also set up. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo — A partial fire ban will be in effect July 1 for Natrona County. The Board of County Commissioners approved the resolution with the consultation of the Bureau of Land Management and county fire district officials on June 30.

All private and public lands within Natrona County are affected. The “partial closing” allows the county to “prohibit and limit the use of open fire and incendiary devices” at the recommendation of the fire warden, and is to be in effect as long as high fire danger conditions continue to exist.

Smoking around or disposing of smoking materials in flammable material is prohibted. Fires must be within established fire rings or in closed grills. Additional restrictions may be imposed on “Red Flag” days, when fire danger is extreme.

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Those seeking religious exemption must apply to the County Fire Warden for an exemption.

The full Resolution can be viewed on page 32 of the BOCC’s June 30 Special Meeting Agenda.