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New county parks rules would clarify ban on bicycles in Rotary Park

The Bridle Trail in Rotary Park (Rebecca Sandborgh-Knipp, Facebook)

CASPER, Wyo — Changes to the Natrona County Parks Rules and Regulations explicitly prohibiting bicycles in Rotary Park are expected to come before the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) at their regular meeting August 4, according to County Attorney Eric Nelson. Other changes to the rules govern drone use and define Rotary Park as open year-round.

The existing rules, adopted in 2012, also banned bicycles from the Bridle Trail by definition. They said, “No vehicles (as defined herein) are permitted on the designated Bridle Tail…” and the Definitions section named a “bicycle” as a vehicle.

The latest draft of the new rules simply states that “Bicycles are not allowed on trails within Rotary Park.” However, “Additional uses or times may be allowed” by a Board permit.

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The latest changes were approved at the Special Parks Advisory Board meeting April 16. According to County Attorney Eric Nelson, the next step was to be formal notice to the BOCC and begin the 45-day comment period, but according to Nelson, COVID-19-related matters took precedent, pushing the matter of the new rules until August. 

The Advisory Board for Parks, Recreation and Leisure Services is holding its regular meeting Thursday, July 9 at 5:30 the Natrona County Courthouse. Roads and Bridges Director Mike Haigler became acting Parks Director on June 17.

Other changes to the rules include:

  • Regulations requiring a certification from the FAA and county-issued permit for operating drones in designated areas.
  • Camping permits must be purchased “prior to establishing a campsite.”
  • A ban on foot traffic other than snowshoeing on winter multi-use trails in winter months.
  • Rotary Park will be open year-round from 5:00 am -10:00 pm. Parks officials may close the gate in winter due to adverse conditions, but walk-in day-use was still permitted under these circumstances.
  • Between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am, music or audio equipment that can be heard outside the campsite are prohibited.
  • A ban on blades over 6 inches in length is being dropped in the latest draft.
The latest draft of the proposed Parks and Regulations,
Existing Natrona County Parks regulations